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Three Clever Tips if You’re home Space Short

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We all know the struggle of being short on space,BookMyHaven, Deepa.Naresh has some clever tricks on making the most of any room:

With spaces at such a premium, the million dollar question of how to maximise and keep a small room feeling open is always on everyone’s lips. Luckily for you, I have three tips for you!

1. Keep it light

If you’re dealing with a space challenged room and you want to give the illusion that it is larger than it is, you want to keep it light.

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There are a few ways to do this. Firstly, think about your color palette – especially on the walls. Lighter colors on walls tend to move backwards and away, making a room feel bigger, whereas dark and bright colors come towards you, making a room feel smaller.

The other light trick you should think about is materials – mirrors and glass – anything which is reflective will help to bounce the light around giving you the illusion that the room is bigger than it is. Very sneaky.

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2. Play with Proportions

Experimenting with proportions is a great way to really change the look and feel of the size of a room. You might think, well given the size of the area a smaller rug would make more sense. But actually, using an oversized rug will make the space feel much larger.


If you are dressing your windows with curtains, design the curtains to start above the window. This makes the window appear bigger than it is, thus making the room feel larger and lighter than it really is. No one needs to know where your windows really start!

Don’t think small just because the space is small.

3. Clever furniture solutions

Designers and companies are answering the calls for how to deal with small spaces with clever furniture and storage solutions. So what should you be looking for?

Furniture that has more than one function. A coffee table or seat which has storage too? Yes, please.

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Also keep an eye out for furniture which can be easily moved, folded or stored away. These are your friends if you have a small space on your hands and they are certainly worth investing in to help you manage the feel of your room.