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Easy guide to organise your wardrobe – closet styles


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Gentlemen, whether it’s set at the start or the end of the year, we know one of the most reoccurring challenges that never seems to get done, is the hard task of organising your wardrobe or closet.

For some, a closet/wardrobe is a sacred place filled with endless possibilities; for others, it’s simply a storage unit cluttered with the clothes of shopping-pieces-in past, but for most, it’s somewhere in between. The unattainable goal is that of a comfortable, practical and well-organised space. 

1. Breaking News: Hangers are for Hanging

Yes, we promise this is a wardrobe trick. Hangers are usually considered as tools to hang shirts, trousers and jackets. But when you want to get smart with your closet/wardrobe .

Create an easy-grab belt display that fits perfectly next to your hanging clothes by passing the buckles of your belts through the hook of a single hanger to get an effortless belt hanger.We can make use of hangers for multiple purposes.”

DIY tie rack closet organiser menswear Source:google

2. Hang Clothes by Occasion

“When you’re hurrying out the entryway/door in the morning, the exact opposite thing you need to do is filter through bulk of workout pants and cricket shirts before getting to your work garments. Thus, we prescribe making areas for your hanging garments Place your weekday/work garments in the most open/accessible part of your wardrobe.

If you hang your clothes by occasion it makes easy to organize your wardrobe.

3. Leather Boxes

No better way to feel like James Bond than to invest in some black leather boxes for your accessories. Not only does this set-up make for a super charming display.

But it allows you to know exactly where your smaller accessories are for easy access (we’re talking watches, cufflinks, sunglasses, pocket squares etc. – even ties, if you’re more of a roll-them-up kind of guy). If you don’t have a big budget, look for some faux leather boxes online.

luxury closet menswear men wardrobe organise accessories Source:google

4. Closet/Wardrobe unused space

In every closet, there is that awkward space that isn’t being used. Find it, and use it! For many, this is the lower area under the hanging portion,where shoes can typically be stored.

Double-tiered shoe racks are a great way to maximise this space. Alternatively, insert a couple of these cubes in the space to get a custom shelf for your shoes and the perfect space to slot in your leather storage boxes..

closet menswear men organise DIY

5. Colour Coordination (For Extreme wardrobes Only!)

Some of you who fall under that first category of wardrobe-owners -your wardrobe is a sacred place. If so, you may be looking for an extra something to liven up your wardrobe – color coordination is it.

but try to organize each category by color going in one direction. This way, the divides between the different ‘occasions’ sections will be clear, simply due to the color changes.