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 Stunning Interior Trends Of 2017 

 BMH Design

We asked our designers about their top 3 interior trends for 2017. We spoke with BookMyHaven designers to find out the must do’s for your home in 2017.

1. The Holy Trinity: Marble, Brass and Copper

Marble goes beautifully with soft metal colours, and BMH tells us brass and copper are the chosen ones this year. It’s a modern twist on a traditional use of marble and gold – a perfect match for elegant coffee tables or consoles.

In case you’re not at marble-section table-in-lounge area level, for what reason not make an interpretation of this pattern to different materials? Give your light surfaces an ultra extravagant makeover with the utilisation of copper and metal points of interest.

BMH Designs

2. Deep Blues & Charcoal Greys

Be intense. 2017 is the year we jump profound – way profound – into the dim side of the shading palette. Try not to be hesitant to go dull, given your small perusing co-a chance to arrange embrace you with a layer of Navy Blue paint, or make a warm air in your room with a profound Charcoal or Tape.

 Balance these hues with light,natural tones that will supplement each other. Think profound and dim dividers with brilliant differentiating artistic creations, or charcoal dim with natural beige accents. Comfortable to an unheard of level.

BMH Design

3. Geometric Shapes and Patterns

When you hear ‘geometric’, you think tiles. It’s the way it’s always been – But 2017 will propel geometric shapes and patters away from tiled kitchens and bathroom and into the rest of the home.

What used to be a trend generally confined to flooring is now a bold and fun accessory on any surface. We’re thinking geometric throws and pillows which can liven up any room and give a playful feel.

Alternatively, add a geometric print carpet to the mix with a fun contrasting print pouffe, or curtains to really push the eclectic feel.

BMH Design

4. All Of The Above

2017 is the year to give your space a voice, and fill it with character! Tell us on Instagram for huge amounts of inside motivation and don’t be hesitant to blend and match every one of these patterns for a splendidly organised sprinkle of diversity!

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