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 An introduction to wallpapers for your home:look beautiful

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We know you’ve all fallen in love with bmh amazing design tips. So here’s take on why wallpaper can be such a step in gorgeous homes.

There was a time when the thought of wallpaper brought to my mind the words – yellow, retro, ageing, bordering on ugly and all of this definitely not in a cool, ironic way. But oh, how times we have changed! There are so many fun, exciting and unexpected ways to use wallpaper. 

You might remember my earlier post about making a statement in small spaces such as bathrooms using wallpaper. Honestly, it makes for such a strong design look.I feel the need to mention it.

whatawonderful home suburbanfauxpass

Can I also bring to your attention on these beautiful examples of large scale, almost wall wallpapers? How can you not melt at the knees at these?


There are a wealth of amazing designers of bookmyhaven doing such beautiful wallpapers, you can find great designs from high-end to more budget friendly. With this versatility and range we help but be drawn to using them in my designs catalogue and you should be too!

Untitled design

If you find a pattern that you really fall in love with, this can then help to inform the rest of your design for your room – the colour, shapes and style leading to a beautiful and cohesive look. Just take a look at the commitment to the blue and orange palette in this design.

@Thibaut bookmyhaven

If you need some help finding the perfect wallpaper for your space,bmh and the rest of the bmh team designers are just a click away!