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5 Tips on How to Design Your First Apartment

You have just moved into your first apartment; the floral wallpaper is peeling slightly around the edges, the kitchen light fixtures are humming, and there might be a few mysterious stains on the living room floor, But it is yours. So how do you make it feel like yours? Designing an apartment can feel a bit daunting at times, but the BookMyHaven team is here to help you with some tips on how to get started!

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1.Spend time first getting to know your own style

Unless you entered the adult world equipped with a perfect grasp of your own sense of home decor style, it is a good idea to do some research before you begin designing and decorating.

BookMyHaven, Pinterest, Instagram, and other similar social media sites are generally easy places to start. Investing in a home design magazine subscription is also a potentially good idea, depending on how thoroughly you want to redecorate your apartment.

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2. Lights, Paint, Action!

Many underestimate the effect that tasteful paint and good lighting can have on a room; getting clear of those buzzing kitchen fixtures and installing some new lights will make both simply cooking and having friends over so much more enjoyable. Adding a modern floor lamp is also a fantastic way to really light up the living room.

“But Bmh  team, what about the walls?” container that heinous floral wallpaper and splash on some stylish new colors. Not only is painting your own apartment a fun and hands-on experience,it is a cheap and easy way to completely change the feel of a room.

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3. Take it Easy at online stores

We as a whole know that it is so hard to leave a specific furniture store hack without purchasing each delightful cushion and owl-molded espresso mug.

Start with the basics instead: a stylish kitchen/dining room table with a few chairs is a great first purchase. It is also always fun to personalise your table and chairs with a coat of paint.

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4. Widen,broaden your space

Amplifying your space in a flat can – and should – be unique in relation to doing as such in an apartment. Bookshelves, lidded box-seats, and covered up under-the-bed drawers are generally extraordinary pieces to enable you to press your remembrances into your new style.

If things still look a little bit cramped, try to utilize vertical spaces such as the areas above doors, cabinets, or closets — installing simple shelves in high-to-reach places is a fairly cheap and easy way to store infrequently used items.

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5. Learn to Let Go

Learn how to make spacious and elegant interior in your home.If you want you can take advice from our expert of bookmyhaven and you can also get some idea from interior design websites.