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5 ideas to design your Pooja Room

Prayer rooms puja/pooja rooms or mandirs are an integral part of Indian homes. But when it comes to renovate the decor of the house, they are often neglected. People fail to smoothly transition from traditional puja/pooja room designs to something more modern. 

Our large collection of puja/pooja room or mandir designs, interior with fresh, contemporary decor, is just what your house needs.

 1. Lighting  Elegance

Traditionally, puja/pooja rooms or  mandirs are light with diyas and candles. But now pooja /puja room designs are opting for safer and cleaner options like fairy lights or cove lights in and around the area to give it a vibrant glow. Pick soft colors and lights that can be dimmed according to the setting.

In this setup, the laser cut back panel is light-up from behind this highlighting the beauty of the all details. With its divine glow, it perfectly frames the idols and religious items.


Ornate floor or hanging lamps can also brighten up the space. The beautiful beaded chandelier candelabrum in this room casts a radiant glow without taking away the focus from the idol.

Carefully choose your lighting style according to your room’s orientation, size and theme.

 2. Compartment Surprise

Niches/(open space) and redundant corners of your home can easily be transformed into a prayer puja/pooja room area. It is a good idea to make use of light colors for the platforms and vibrant hues for the walls to draw the eyes towards the puja/pooja room design.

Also, make sure that the space is not overcrowded with idols. Keep it simple and elegant.



Alternatively, you can add shelves within the slim space niche/opening if you want to accommodate more idols.(see above Pic).

 3. Small and Stylish


If you are not a fan of huge puja/pooja rooms or just don’t have the space for it, mandir designs like these are perfect as that easily blend with the general decor of the room.

Borrowing hues from its surrounding, this simple, open setup features an idol, focus lighting, a shelf and a sideboard neatly placed within a beautiful laser-cut paneled arc in your home interior can also opt many alternate of this with some work of wooden and create some others beautiful and alternate interior designs.


But if you prefer privacy, opt for mandir designs such as this. The see-through cabinet doors gives the blocky structure a light, airy also give unique decoration to your home interior.



 4. Artistic Focus


The best puja.pooja room plans can be An combination of a accepted setting and modern, memorable enhancement. A decorative version of a shloka,can be a stylish foundation for an dazzling metallic complete puja/pooja might be a chance to be a true game-changer. It will most likely include tasteful claim should your home What’s more focus from claiming the sum eyes.




 5. Magical Mix Up

Last but not the least, if you are have a dedicated prayer puja/pooja room, go all the way. You have plenty of space to mix up the above design elements and style it with floating-flower bowls, cushions, floor mats etc.

Now that you have these tips in hand, you can easily customize or choose from these puja/pooja room designs that blend in with your home’s theme and offer a quiet spot for prayer and contemplation.